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Winston Shrout - Vancouver Seminar (2013)

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Winston Shrout - Vancouver Seminar (2013)

Winston Shrout - Vancouver Seminar (2013)
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The Vancouver Seminar was rather unique in that we had opportunity for several excellent Q&A sessions from an experienced Canadian perspective. We also utilized computer, internet and live video technologies.

We have observed a growing concern among our Canadian friends regarding their ongoing ability to engage in commercial activities, as well as a genuine desire for a deeper level of commercial knowledge. Over the last few years there has been a great deal of activity and many successes reported in Canada through the use of commercial techniques which were developed in the US. These techniques were simply transported to Canadian jurisdictions and adapted by using the appropriate forms and procedures. Commerce circles the globe and connects us all; it is not restricted by national boundaries. Commerce is truly the law of the planet, and the material presented in this seminar goes a long way toward explaining how and why this is true.

Winston Shrout - Vancouver Seminar (2013)


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